5 responses to “Why paying attention matters in social media

  1. connectgen

    Wow, Simon – just found this post and I’m so honoured. Thanks, mate!

    Cheers, Iggy

    • It’s a pleasure Iggy. Of course actually carrying out what I said I would do? (ah now that’s the nub of it)…of course despite my best intentions I haven’t “actually done it consistently yet” (#shame) – but your comment is further inspiration still to really get cracking (and REALLY make that change). Speak again.

  2. Ditto. Iggy is a great supporter of us SMEs. He has been nothing but generous in his professionalism and time.

    And “paying it forward” is something I strive to do when students or interested parties ask for my time or answers to questions.

    • Hi Emma. Agreed on all fronts… paying forward is never the easiest thing to justify to oneself (time wise) – but if it’s a manifestation of who you actually are – you just have to do it (however hard walking the talk feels). Thanks for the comment too.

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    HEART warming about paying attention to ……

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